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"a thought is hard to control"

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390/500 exo airport appearance

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Die Jungs DVD - Yixing

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Exo -  SMTown Live World Tour IV goods

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favorite jonghyun quotes 



{ D A N G E R }
Taeminnie, you felt worried about your solo debut but hopefully all the fans that could be with you in person gave you a small indication of how proud Shawols are of you. You’ve become the ‘ace’ of the group, we will keep supporting you no matter what! Well done talented maknae!!!


get to know me: favourite mvs

↳ 1000 years, always by your side (SHINee)

[もしも千年かかったとして/ ずっと僕のそばにいて; even if it takes a thousand years, always be by my side]

well played, key, well played… (key’s gift to taemin)