EXO - 140811 First official photobook ‘Die Jungs’ - [HQ]

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jackson latching on to mark

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INFO: A suspicioun rose up on the Internet after finding out that the logo of SM’s newest girl group ‘Red Velvet’ has similaities to “Roncato“‘s logo (a brand of suitcase in the Italy)

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Happiness Performance: 240P1080P

Waiting Room: 720P | 720P

OFFICIAL: Off Camera Shot

FANCAM : On the way | Leaving Music Bank


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Squishies ²

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kai has a problem with xiumin being sexy

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30 day exo challenge
day four: your ultimate bias

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kyungsoo - ‘it’s ok, it’s love’ - Kangwoo - the amazing fan 

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dream girl

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